Sotirios Varnavas, Poetry Night at the Cyprus Home

Sotirios Varnavas, Poetry Night | 12 June |

Sotirios Varnavas was born in 1948 in Milia, Cyprus. He studied Physics and Geology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He completed his PhD studies at Imperial College London and was Professor of Geology at the University of Patras, Greece. He is a member of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme and a member of the organising committee of the annual Poetry Symposium hosted by the University of Patras. He has published five poetry collections, including Psigmata Apirou (2006), Echogrammata (2008), Chreografo (2013), Grammata Empragmata (2015), and Diastaseis tou Chorochronou (2018). His poems also feature in numerous Greek anthologies and literary journals. 

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