ANIMA by Michalis Charalambous |23 June, 6-9pm | CYPRUS HOUSE

ANIMA: Latin for ‘soul’

Michalis Charalambous focuses on the radical transformation of the meanings of the concept of the “human” in the late 20th and early 21st c., through the term’s theoretical, material and/or virtual reconfigurations within the contemporary techno-scientific context. In this innovative on-site VR, AR and physical installation at the Cyprus House, Charalambous explores the transcendence of entrenched perceptions of the limits of the human condition and the transformations observed in the meanings of “human nature”, following an opposite route: through in depth research in ancient Cypriot representations of the “post-human”, conducted at the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia and the British Museum in London.


Michalis Charalambous (b. 1987) is a Visual Artist. Charalambous’s practice includes ceramic sculpture, digital media and painting. He explores the boundaries between space, body, object and identity using digital technology and traditional media. He examines the contradictory terms of analogue and digital, physical and virtual environment. His work aims to interpret a non-specific context defined by symbolism. He has participated in national and international exhibitions, including Together/ Apart: Going New Places, cutated by Marina Hadjiluca, organized by the Cyprus High Commission in the UK (2020), the 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture (Cyprus Pavilion, 2018), and the 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (Imagined Homes, 2017). He was also hosted at the artist residency project “There is nothing wrong with loving something you can’t hold in your hand”, in collaboration with Youth Maker Space Larnaka CY, 2021.


By Michalis Charalambous

23-30 June 2022 | Mon – Fri 10:00 – 16:00

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Organised by the Cyprus High Commission – Cultural Section, in collaboration with the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, The British Museum and the CYENS, Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence, Cyprus.