New Categorisation of Countries – UK in RED CATEGORY from 1/4/21

Red Category countries – Increased risk countries compared to the Green and Orange Categories:

European Union Member States: 1) Austria, 2) Belgium, 3) Bulgaria, 4) France, 5) Croatia, 6) Luxemburg, 7) Romania, 8) Spain, 9) Italy, 10) Greece, 11) Malta, 12) Netherlands, 13) Hungary, 14) Poland, 15) Finland, 16) Slovakia, 17) Slovenia, 18)
Czech Republic, 19) Estonia, 20) Latvia, 21) Lithuania, 22) Sweden, 23) Germany, 24) Denmark, 25) Ireland

Small states: 1) Andorra, 2) Monaco, 3) Vatican City, 4) San Marino

Schengen member states: 1) Switzerland, 2) Liechtenstein, 3) Norway

Third countries: 1) United Kingdom, 2) Israel, 3) Russia, 4) United Arab Emirates, 5) Ukraine, 6) Jordan, 7) Lebanon, 8) Egypt, 9) Belarus, 10) Qatar, 11) Serbia, 12) United States of America, 13) Armenia, 14) Georgia, 15) Bahrein, 16) Rwanda

It is noted that passengers coming from Red Category countries shall be required to:

a) undergo a PCR laboratory test within 72 hours prior to departure proving a negative PCR result and

b) undergo a laboratory test upon their arrival in the Republic of Cyprus.


The examination cost will be borne by themselves and in addition, such persons should remain in self-isolation until the test result is issued.


The following categories of passengers may enter the Republic of Cyprus from Red Category countries, after having undergone, at their own expense, a laboratory test only upon their arrival in the Republic of Cyprus:

1. Cypriot citizens and family members (alien spouses and their underage children),

2. Persons legally residing in the Republic, 3. Persons entitled to enter the Republic under the Vienna Convention.

In such case, persons falling within the categories 1-3 above must remain in mandatory self-isolation for 72 hours upon arrival and after the end of the 72-hour period they must undergo another PCR test, at their own expense. If the repeat test is negative, they can then terminate their isolation. The test result must be sent to the following email